Origin     Rovaniemi, Finland
Genre(s)     Black metal
Years active     1989 - 1992
Label(s)    Unsigned
Status:    Split-up

Last line-up

    * Nuclear Holocausto Vengeance (Marko Laiho) - Vocals, Guitars (Horny Malformity, Pseudo Christ)
    * Sodomatic Slaughter (Jari Pirinen) - Vocals, Drums


"Goat Vulva isn't a satanic group, but an XXX rated porno speed noise today." (Nuclear Holocausto Vengeance)

Can you please summarize the history of GOAT VULVA and the ways which it was relevant to BEHERIT?

Nuclear Holocausto Vengeance:
Hahaha! Goat Vulva was only a booze project. I recorded those demos on normal C-cassette recorder by putting a piece of tape over the eraser head. I don't remember how many so-called demos were released, but they came in very limited quantities, perhaps 10 or 20 copies of each. Messe Des Morts was recorded in same studios where Erotic Worship was, but otherwise, it was very much a project of its own.